Re: tree-climbing hominids

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Mon, 09 Oct 95 10:15:59 GMT

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Oops: I mistakenly quoted all Alex's stuff at the bottom of my post.
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In addition to requirements (a) - (g) I should have put:

(h) The description of this "partially bipedal hominid" must
explain how its form of life exerted a selective pressure on
each of some 50,000 to 100,000 generations towards becoming
more bipedal in each generation.

The extent of this change is grossly under-appreciated by
nearly everyone - but especially by the non-AAT'ers. (David
Froehlich in this thread is one example.) It's like changing
car into a boat, re-locating the engine to the back to provide
power. It can be done; but you have to do it in 50,000 steps;
each stage has to be a fully working model and EACH step has to
have benefits to the user making the car/boat significantly more
effective than it was in the previous stage.