Re: Savanna: a slow demise

David Froehlich (
Fri, 6 Oct 1995 11:33:03 -0500

On 5 Oct 1995, Thomas Clarke wrote:

> > What is in
> > dispute is the side trip into the aquatic environment proposed by the
> > AAH supporters and for which there is no evidence. A gap is not
> > evidence.
> That is news to me. I am not as well read as you in the PA area, but
> as far as I can tell there is a pretty large gap.

Here I disagree entirely. The functional gap is not large. Let us look
ant the closest living relatives, chimp=facultative biped,
gorilla=facultative biped, orangutan=facultative biped, gibbon=obligate
biped when terrestrial. What is the problem here?

> > Arboreal adaptations do indicate an arboreal lifestyle unless you have
> > EVIDENCE to indicate otherwise. It is not a stretch to note the
> > curvature of the hand bones in A. afarensis and the intermembrial
> > index and compare it w ith living arboreal apes.
> I really wish this could be more quantitative. How fast do selection
> factors straighten the hand bones? The bones don't straighten
> as soon as an environmental factor forces the animal to live away from
> the trees.

Yes, but can you put a phase for which there is no evidence between (ie AAS)

> (Regarding EVIDENCE, do you believe the sun will rise before it happens?:-)

It is a very!!!! well corroborated theory (it has always happened in
recorded memory and it is further corroborated by such well supported
scientific endevours (in the terms of Mr. Hubey) as physics.

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