Re: Neanderthals horse or mule?

Peter/Stephen Sjolander (
6 Oct 1995 14:26:19 GMT

I agree they are a diferent species. My question is: are they a mule
or a horse? If they are a mule then we need to keep looking for the
horse. But then we would know that Neanderthals could breed with


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<> writes:
>Neanderthals are definitely a separate species of Homo from
>The kind of intraspecies variation we see in modern humans is great,
>not to the extent that one group is so very highly specialised like
>Neanderthals were. What we see in Upper Pleistocene Europe is two
>different groups of Homo virtually co-existing, not one big mingled
>variable group. And the differences between those two groups are too
>large to accomodate within the known boundaries of species.
>It is true that Europeans are in the wider sense hybrids, but not that

>much. Sorry.