Neanderthals horse or mule?

Peter/Stephen Sjolander (
1 Oct 1995 15:08:54 GMT

>Interesting, I also may have some of these Neanderthal features, and I
>have often wondered if they did not actually disappear, but rather got
>mixed with the others. The duration of time when this would have
>happened could easily be many thousands years of time. It was stated
>recently that the ice-buried man from Osterrich-Italian border (some
>5000 years old) is related to about 2/3 of all living Europeans today,
>so imagine what mixing may do for much longer times.

We have a modern day example to follow. The donkey and the horse.
They can bread and make a mule. But the mule can not bred with another
mule and make a mule.

Now the question is. Are the Neanderthals that we have found the horse
or the mule?