Re: lions, chimps and sticks

Lynn Garth (
5 Oct 1995 22:06:02 -0400

First...I don't think you're giving lions much credit. Learned resposes
are are intergral to the survival of any and most every species.

Second...I've read a great deal about chimps and their predation, but I
have never come across any accounts of lion attacks..(leopards, yes,
lions, no) .I'm very curious as to the frequency of the lion attacks.
Chimps living in forested areas can easily retreat in trees would make it
very difficult for the lions to follow, that in conjunction with a large
group of screaming stick wielding chimps dropping limbs on your head would
be enough to make any lion think twice about attempting to go after that
prey again.

Just imagine how many limbs and rocks our ancestors had to drop on the
heads of predators for our species to survive and evolve....