Re: AAT Theory

chris brochu (
6 Oct 1995 01:38:17 GMT

In article <> Paul Crowley, writes:
> Then one good idea came along. There
>was intense opposition to it; it did change in response to new ideas
>and new evidence. And it won out in the end. (Or is there still
>resistance in Paleontology departments?)

This isn't on the subject, but since you asked:

Speaking as a paleontologist:

Was there an impact? Yes, in all probability - though Chixulub may not
have been a crater. Don't always trust the media.

Did this impact cause the extinction event? Maybe, maybe not. As more
detailed stratigraphy is done, the extinction pattern looks more gradual
than catastrophic.

As a friend said, "OK, so they found the smoking gun. Too bad the victim
died of multiple stab wounds."

PS - with 8000 living species, Dinosauria is far from extinct.