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J. Moore (
Thu, 5 Oct 95 15:02:00 -0500

HMH> Alex Duncan <> writes:

HMH> >Once again an argument from ignorance from the AAT folks.
HMH> >P.E. is by no means accepted by all evolutionary biologists, and, as
HMH> >Dawkins has pointed out, the differences between supporters of P.E.
HMH> >"and gradualists" is often pretty semantic.

HMH> I can certainly understand why the "semantic" disagreements figure so
HMH> prominently. In fact, I think you should have used the word "verbal"
HMH> instead of semantic. Since the whole "theory" is
HMH> verbal, what other kinds of disagreements can arise except verbal.

In keeping with your style of semantic argument, I feel I must
point out that "the whole theory" is NOT verbal. Most of it, and
the arguments ensuing, are written.

Jim Moore (

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