Re: First Family and AAT

J. Moore (
Thu, 5 Oct 95 14:57:00 -0500

HMH> If an animal already has developed to the point when it's almost
HMH> bipedal and doesn't spend 10 My in the water why should look like the
HMH> animal which was low on the evolutionary scale and entered the water
HMH> almost looking like a lizard??

If an animal is already, in your words "developed to the point
where it's almost bipedal", why couldn't it develop bipedality on

HMH> And besides, bears are more grasping types than,say, dogs, and
HMH> certainly more bipedal. I don't know what sea otters look like when out
HMH> of the water. As for the lizard type low_scale animals, why should I
HMH> (or anyone else) have to explain something that doesn't need one; if
HMH> there's so much survival value in using tools and being grasping
HMH> animals blah blah how come we still have
HMH> animals with hoofs, and why do we still have animals with paws and why
HMH> are most animals quadripeds (ignoring the fish and birds) blah blah...

Keeping up with your usual level of discourse, I see...

Jim Moore (

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