Re: AAT Theory

Phillip Bigelow (
4 Oct 1995 14:49:42 -0700

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><> writes:
>>The only way semi-aquatic mammals could co-exist with croc would be if
>they were very quick or very large.

Elaine Morgan responded:
>Might it not depend on the local availability of other food sources
>which were (a) plentiful and (b) very easy to devour, like tilapia fish?

Why would it depend on the availability of OTHER food sources?
Evolution has a way of filling ecological niches:
Since this imaginary aquatic ape is: 1) bite-sized, and
2) slow

it would be a "preferred" meal for crocs, even if the imaginary ape is
rather rare, numerically. What the croc eats between the main course (such
as tilapia appatizers) really isn't relevant to the discussion.
The same argument applies to the other Pliocene aquatic predators, the