Re: An alternative to ST and AAT

John Waters (
27 Nov 1996 20:00:49 GMT

Phillip Bigelow <> wrote in article

> Nearly all *preserved* fossils were *originally*
deposited in
> lowland basin settings.

JW: My information here may be incorrect. I had the feeling
that the Olduvai Gorge, Lake Turkana etc., are not
currently at sea level. Are you suggesting that the fossils
were deposited at sea level and subsequently raised by
geological folding etc?

> Basins are (both topographically and sedimentologically)
> exact opposite of elevated regions (such as mountains and
> areas).

JW: I am not suggesting that any Australopithicene fossils
would be found any higher than a semi-equatorial altitude,
but I suppose it would be possible for original deposition
to take place upstream, and then be washed into a lowland

> In highland regions, erosion, not deposition, would be
> taking place. Erosion does not preserve fossils.

JW: I suppose as far as cave fossils are concerned, the
process is reversed somewhat, e.g. calcification. Is this
corrrect? Please excuse my ignorance on these matters.