Re: Skull in Boulder images

Ed Conrad (
28 Nov 1996 07:37:13 GMT (Theodore A. Holden) wrote:

>The www page I maintain for Ed Conrad's materials at:


>now contains a couple of good photos of the skull embedded in
>the boulder. The second photo (juxtaposed with a laboratory-grade
>skull) is particularly interesting.

>Ted Holden


Just in case anybody's interested (and they should be) . . .

The opening paragraph in the exceptional book about human
skulls, entitled ``The Human Skull: A Cultural History," written
by Folke Henschen, states:

> ``Man's cranium is the most specifically
> human part of his skeleton, perhaps
> the only part which decisively distinguishes
> it from those of the animals. It is the skull
> which encases the human brain, the most
> wonderful thing in creation."

ri the onl