Re: Why is Homo sapiens hairless?

John Waters (
20 Nov 1996 11:05:23 GMT wrote in article
> Ms Chin, Mr. al,
> A question from the guy in the back of the class (me).
> At what point did our ancestors begin to show a decrease
in body hair and
> how was this determined? Any references you could cite
on this would be
> appreciated. Thanks.
> Paul

JW: Are YOU the guy Roh was referring to?

Seriously, (assuming your question is serious,)
Paleontologists report that the soft parts of the body do
not generally fossilise. Even if they did, you would need a
representative fossil for every generation throughout
hominid history, to be sure of just when the decrease in
body hair first occurred.

As far as I know, there is no such evidence. But if there
is, you can be sure that Gerrit Hanenburg will be quick to
supply it, complete with proper scientific references. If
he doesn't, he'll have to hand back this month's Bigelow