SusansfRe: Lamarck

Rabbi Bruce Cohen (
Thu, 21 Nov 1996 16:14:29 -0500

> As for transitional forms.. would a bipedal hominid with very chimp like
> cranial and dental morphology count?
> Susan
> --

Dear Susan - are you referring to A.afarensis? A. bosei?
My puzzlement in my earlier posting was over the apparent fork in the
road present by the earlier writer, which seemed to offer a choice
between (1) Lamarckism reborn or (2) a view of Darwinian Random
Mutation & Natural Selection for which all the best mathematics I have
read say there has not been enough time to occur. I really would like
to hear some educated input on this dilemma. Up to now, Yogi Berra's
quote best embodies what I have encountered ... "When you come to a
fork in the road, take it."

Thanks for writing! - BC