Re: so H sapiens evolved from H. erectus?

Robert Gotschall (
Sat, 09 Nov 1996 14:40:03 -0800

Susan S. Chin wrote:

> Again, as a student of paleoanthro, I would have to say it is not at all
> a technicality that we're separate species. We're separate species
> because H.s.s. and H.e. are obviously distinct in many ways (as stated
> above). Nobody has doubted that we are closely related to H.erectus, not
> in this newsgroup anyway.
> Susan

Another student of paleoanthropology, Jared Diamond, states that he
feels chimpanzees are closely enough related to H.s. that they could be
called H. troglodytus. I acknowledge that many if not most would
disagree, but considering the currant state of taxonomy, I would
withhold judgement on our relationship with early homonids.