Re: so H sapiens evolved from H. erectus?

Bob Keeter (
10 Nov 1996 00:48:03 GMT

Robert Gotschall <> wrote:
>I have been puzzling over this post for days. It seems obvious that
>however closely we're related to chimps, we are much more closely
>related to H.e.
>Since it is unlikely any modern human ever met an H.e., we are
>technically separate species. I wonder, given our inherent
>chronological bias, just how important that distinction is.
>I suspect we are more closely related then most are willing to admit. A
>better understanding of our ancestors can only improve our understanding
>of ourselves.

I have to wonder EXACTLY who (or what if you are of the belief) may
have been wandering around in Asia when the anatomically modern
humans showed up? Would seem to be our old friend H.e. unless
I am badly mistaken!