Re: MOST IMPORTANT FOSSIL (A human skull as old as coal!)

Alan Weiner (
4 Nov 1996 13:43:32 GMT

>When can we expect the first Pons Fleischman plant built then?.

I heard that there is now evidence that the first humans (those as old
as coal!!!) actually built the first one (they found part of the power
plant sticking out of a rock). The tremendous power of that plant
forced the sun out from its orbit around the earth and caused many
elephants and whales to mutate into the creatures we now know as
dinosaurs. :)

There was a great show on PBS lately about a professional skeptic (who
debunked Uri Geller, amongst others) who made an expedition to a clinic
in the USSR which claimed to have water with "magical healing
properties". He tried an experiement to measure the differences between
their water and normal water. Evidently, normal water he brought in was
exactly the same as the water they had. Of course, it turned out
(according to the believers) that their water was so powerful, that it
automatically transmuted any water he brought in into "magical water".
Thus, no scientific experiment could ever measure any difference.

Ya see, there's a 'scientific' reason for everything... :)