Re: Life explained

Karen Tellefsen (
Tue, 5 Nov 1996 22:19:36 GMT

In rec.arts.poems Duncan R. MacMillan <> wrote:
: In article <> "D. Robert Hamm"
: sliced it good and thick when he wrote:

: <snip>

: > Peace!

: Sick-making, eh? the only way to face down Oneness bigotry like this
: is to keep an open mind and hit back with some hard data.
: Democracy (like almost everything else) is "a White thing" and,
: contrary to what Libruls would have us believe, most Whites don't want it
: destroyed (like everything else) by hordes of Brown immigrants, who have no
: history and no understanding of it.

Excuse me, but pro-white bigotry is not wanted on sci.anthropology.paleo,
soc.culture.latin-america,miami.general,misc.writing, or rec.arts.poems,
where the hordes of posters have no liking of it. Please leave it on
alt.politics.nationalism.white where it belongs. Please don't cross
post this information to irrelevent newgroups; if anyone wants to read
pro-white information, they can look in the appropriate newsgroup.
If you must crosspost to rec.arts.poems, at least post racist doggerel
with playful language and not pseudo-scientific opinions in prose.

Thank you for your cooperation.