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S. Walton Krayne (
Mon, 04 Nov 1996 11:28:32 -0800

Duncan R. MacMillan wrote:
> In article <> "D. Robert Hamm"
> sliced it good and thick when he wrote:
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> > Peace!
> Sick-making, eh? the only way to face down Oneness bigotry like this
> is to keep an open mind and hit back with some hard data.
> Democracy (like almost everything else) is "a White thing" and,
> contrary to what Libruls would have us believe, most Whites don't want it
> destroyed (like everything else) by hordes of Brown immigrants, who have no
> history and no understanding of it.
> The neurochemical basis for Whites' unique ability to sustain the
> ongoing revolution of "progress", both social and technological, over several
> millennia, is, I believe, due to just the right amount of testosterone.
> Empirical evidence, from three continents and 6,000 years of recorded
> history, shows the Negro incapable of sustaining a technological society under
> the rule of law, because of too little intelligence and too much testosterone.
> Asiatics, with their superior intelligence, have been building
> technological civilisations for almost as long as Whites, but too little
> testosterone means that they lack the oomph to establish the notion of the
> individual, leading to despotism and stagnation. (In addition, Asiatics'
> impoverished sensory system brutalises their behaviour and limits their
> intelligence largely to the nerdy and uncreative sort, but that's another
> post).
> So, there you have it.
> ---
> D. MacMillan
> Whites With Attitude.

And the whites, with their perfect levels of testosterone and
intelligence, have achieved so much that they now have the power to
destroy the world, and enough arrogance and hatred of everyone else that
they have to think long and hard every day about whether or not to push
that button and rid the solar system of those pigmentally superior
inferior beings.

I give you credit for managing to write a bigoted, hate-mongering
article possessing of such an innocuous tone as to almost gives the
impression that it's content is something other than despicable refuse.
Must be that perfect blend of testosterone and intelligence (two words
seen complimenting each other less often than Louis Farrakhan and David