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Tom Clarke (
28 Nov 1995 13:28:59 -0500

In article <> (Bill Burnett) writes:

> H. M. Hubey gains some credit for having read something when he writes:

Bill, you dig your own grave with your sarcasm.

VERY large dimensional space is defined. One dimension per

> >Now I said that these particles (or the representative
> >point) moves and hence posseses a well-defined velocity
> >in this space. Velocity in n-space has a direction.

> >That is the direction of evolution.

> That is THE direction of evolution?

Yes. The abstract space is VERY expansive. It has room for
every gene of every species in every phylum. A direction
(in the mathematical sense) is easily defined from the rate of
change of gene frequencies. Since the space includes everthing
it is THE direction.

Tom Clarke

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