Re: more on water temps.

Phillip Bigelow (
20 Nov 1995 12:07:38 -0800 (H. M. Hubey) writes:

>Nice trick.
>Why don't you just tell us how much warmer. Or are you
>trying to pull rank?

No, I am trying to see if you can get off your duff and look up the
reference yourself. I have the graph right in front of me now. :-)
I noticed that your e-mail address is a college. Shouldn't be too much of a
stretch to walk across campus and look up either the Balkema Press ref. or
the Journal of Paleontology ref.

Then I wrote:
>> Dingle R.V., W.G. Siesser, and A.R. Newton. 1983. Mesozoic and Tertiary
>>Geology of Souther Africa. Balkema, Rotterdam, 375 p.

hubey responded:
>OK, I'll bite. What's on page 375.
>Or are you telling us that you read a whole book of 375 pages?

My reference (above) is written in standard scientific bibliographic
format, Mark. The "375 p." means that there are 375 pages in the
monograph, NOT that it is on page 375.

I continued:
>> If you can't get that one, a revised illustration from that paper is found
>>in an aritcle on brachiopods by:
>> Hiller, N. 1994. Journal of Paleontology, volume 68, no. 4, pp776-786.

hubey responded:
>OK what's the temperature?

Look it up yourself, Mark.
I will throw you a bone, though, and tell you that the water temperature
graph relates only to the Southern Hemisphere Ocean, and only for waters
around South Africa. So it doesn't relate directly to inland water temps.
in the African Rift/Danakil area. But it does demonstrate that, although
somewhat warmer than todays waters off of South Africa, Mio-Pliocene water
temps. were only incrimentally warmer...not "20 degrees F. warmer" as you
posted a while ago...which was speculation by your own admission. All I am
doing is injecting a little hard science into the discussion. If I find any
refs. that deal with the paleo-Red Sea, I will be glad to post those as