more on water temps.

Phillip Bigelow (
15 Nov 1995 15:10:58 -0800

For what it's worth (and for the very very few who actually care), I
thought I might provide a little "wheat" to off-set the "chaf" that is
batted around on this newsgroup about AAT, paleo-water temps., and heat-loss
in small, naked, hairless "aquatic" primates: For your perusal, a couple
SCIENCE refs. Note that neither of the refs. relates to Rift Valley water
or to paleo-Red Sea water, but at least it gives an indiction that, at least
in SOME parts of the Miocene-Pliocene world, water temps. were not THAT much
warmer than todays water temps., although a bit warmer.

Dingle R.V., W.G. Siesser, and A.R. Newton. 1983. Mesozoic and Tertiary
Geology of Souther Africa. Balkema, Rotterdam, 375 p.

If you can't get that one, a revised illustration from that paper is found
in an aritcle on brachiopods by:

Hiller, N. 1994. Journal of Paleontology, volume 68, no. 4, pp776-786.

The illustration appears on pages 784 of Hiller's tome.

There are undoubtably more papers out there on paleo-water temps. When I
find them, I will post the refs. here.