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20 Nov 1995 18:22:04 GMT

J. Moore ( wrote:

: PV> (Are pre literate hunter gatherers far sighted enough to observe
: PV> changes in climate and move in response to them? Probably not.
: PV> <snip>
: PV> This doesn't preclude the possibility of climate having an
: PV> effect on the distribution of a population, and advancing
: PV> glaciers are a good way to herd meandering h-g's in a uniform
: PV> direction.
: PV> <== faster % Pete Vincent

: What they'd observe is the food being better "over there", and
: that's where they'd be more likely to go. Over time, this would,
: as you point out, change the population distribution, and it would
: certainly be in response to climate. (Paul's insistence that they
: would apparently be planning ahead some thousands of years and go
: "when the weather is good" is just a step or two short of stupid. ;-)

Wildebeest in the Serengeti follow the weather during the dry season. If
they observe a rain storm 'over there' and the local grass is played out,
they stampede to the storm. If they can do it, so can we.

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