Re: Bell Curve and IQ

20 Nov 1995 18:17:40 GMT

Lloyd Jacobs ( wrote:
: H. M. Hubey ( wrote:
: : (Daniel D Scripture) writes:

: : >other things to do at the office. I got in a pissing match with Hubey
: : >a few months ago on, I think, sci.archeology, where he was saying

: : and you were doing all the pissing.

: : >stronger. Poor sociology--IMHO it's already mathematicized to the
: : >point of foolishness in many cases.

: : Poor sociologists, doomed to talk nonsense because they're
: : incapable of arithmetic :-).

: Sounds like the old battle of `quantity vs. quality'.

It's a slightly different issue. The academic sociologists who study the
development of science explicitly deny that the scientific method plays
an interesting role in the evolution of any scientific field.

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