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Sun, 19 Nov 1995 09:59:14 UNDEFINED

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>Subject: Beyond hairlessness
>Date: 12 Nov 1995 04:15:20 GMT

>Forgive me for this but the strange thought occurred to me while I was half asleep.

>In all the reports of alleged contact with alien beings has anyone ever reported any that were hairy?
>Is this some sort of subconscious assumption of theirs (the ones doing the "sighting") that a lack
>of hair means superior intelligence? If so, where does this come from?

>Because humans are so naked of hair and allegedly superior to other animals therefore even less
>hair means even more superiority?

>Or, oddly, lack of hair demonstrates something out of the ordinary?

>If the former is true and their is a subconscious assumption that less hair means greater intelligence,
>why are humans so obsessed with hair and it's amount when it concerns the mating game?

>Any thoughts?

Best "naked ape" theory is that hairlessness is adaptation to inprove
heat dissipation by sweating. Patten Loss is just one more progression of

Dr. Dr. Peter Proctor