Re: The UCL meeting, and PV Tobias" apology" to Morgan...

Ralph L Holloway (
Mon, 20 Nov 1995 01:31:11 -0500

Perhaps Phillip believes AAT has provided some mighty service in the
cause of paleontological science, but he sure in hell doesn't speak for
me, when he claims to apologise for all his colleagues. As this news
group has shown, time and again, AAT is without a single empirical
finding, has its fact and understanding of evolutionary theory
completely screwed up, has no intention of testing hypotheses against
the fossil record, that now existing or yet to be found, and is serviced by
not a single professional yet. If PVT wishes to join this chorus of
psuedoscientific discordance, its his privilege. Frankly, I would like to
hear Leslie Aiello's account of the meeting in which this grand apology
was issued.
Ralph Holloway