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Dewi Morgan (
Fri, 17 Nov 1995 17:54:59 GMT

Various people said [edited, but trying to retain meaning and phrasing]:

1) Books on the AAT are reviewed only for grammatical content by her
editors, NOT for the science contained there-in.
Unlike the scientific papers on the subject [see listing below].

2) Ms Morgan does not get invited to PA meetings.
So how do you think "The AAT: Fact or Fiction" came to be written? Osmosis?

3) AAT stuff does not get serious peer-review.
There are no, or few, "authoritative" papers for references.
See the listing below.

4) Ms. Morgan is ignored by the professional community.
<sarcasm> Apart from the odd few fringe weirdos, of course. Utterly
ignored by the "professionals" such as yourselves in this group as well,
which is why the AAT is never discussed here. </sarcasm>


<rant> Obviously, I have been avoiding this group for too long. I thought
I had knocked this one on the head. It seems that either new clueless
people have joined or the old ones have forgotten the facts again.

Here is a copy of some web pages I made:

[Note that neither page is a comprehensive list, they are just the ones I
personally kow about. There are quite possibly many others. These are alos
only the pages on "Morgan Papers & Books" and "Misc AAT Papers". There
are a few other pages of relevant references you may wish to look at. If
you are interested I advise you to look at:
Please email me the details of any other relevant papers you know of.]


Morgan Papers & Books
Last updated Aug 2 '95.

All published by Souvenir Press, and some in Penguin, etc as well. First
two ISBNs I don't know offhand, but I could find out if anyone is that

The Descent of Woman [1972]

The Aquatic Ape [1982]

The Scars of Evolution [1990] (Penguin 1991)
ISBN 0 285 62996 4

The Descent of the Child [1994]
ISBN 0 285 63212 4

"The aquatic hypothesis"
New Scientist vol 102 (Ap 12 '84): 11-13

"Sweaty old man and the sea"
New Scientist vol 105 (Mr 21 '85): 27-8

"In the beginning was the water; an aquatic phase in our development could
explain our ability to talk"
New Scientist vol 109 (Mr 6 '86): 62-3

"Lucy's child"
New Scientist vol 112 (D 25 '86/Ja 1 '87): 13-15

"The aquatic ape theory and the origin of speech."
Studies in Language Origins. Editors: Jan Wind, Edwin Pulleyblank,
Eric de Grolier. Philadelphia; Benjamins (89)
[I'm almost sure this one isn't one of Elaine's, but it's here in my
page, so maybe it is.]

"The Water Baby."
New Statesman and Society vol 5, Issue 232 (Dec 12 '92): 29-30.

Nutrition and Health vol 9, ('93): 193-203. (In Depth)

"Walking Hypotesis"
New Statesman and Society vol 7, Issue 305 (Jun 3 '94): 37-38.

"Darwin and Feminism"
Collegium antropologicum (Jan 6 '92)


AAT Papers
[Deleted Elaine's ones to prevent overlap]

Last updated Aug 2 '95.

"Swimming behaviour of the human infant"
McGraw, M., J. Pediatrics 15 ('39) pp 485-90

"Was man more aquatic in the past?"
Hardy, A.C., New Scientist 7 ('60) pp 642-5.

"The aquatic ape theory reconsidered"
Cunnane, S.C.: Medical Hypotheses (Jan '80) 6(1) pp 49-58

"FLOAT: A new paradigm for human evolution"
Donald Symons (ed. George H. Scherr) :The best of the Journal of
Irreproducible Results, Workman Publishing, New York ('83)

"The Aquatic Ape Theory: evidence and a possible scenario"
Verhaegen, M.J.B.: Medical Hypotheses (Jan '85) 16(1) pp 17-32

"The aquatic ape theory and some common diseases"
Verhaegen, M.J.B.: Medical Hypotheses (Nov 1987) 24(3) pp 293-300

"Aquatic ape theory and fossil hominids"
Verhaegen, M.J.B.: Medical Hypotheses (Jun 1991) 35(2) pp 108-14

"Did Robust Australopithecines partly feed on hard parts of graminae?"
Verhaegen, M.J.B.: Human Evolution (1992) (7) p 62

"The paranasal sinuses and other enigmas: an aquatic evolutionary theory"
Rhys Evans, P.H.: Journal of Laryngology & Otology (Mar 1992)
106(3) pp 214-25

Coyne, Pat: New Statesman and Society vol.5, Issue 232
(Dec 12 '92) pp.29-30

"Health and Nutrition", Vol 9, No. 3 ('93)
An entire issue devoted to papers on the AAT, including:
Sir Alister Hardy and the aquatic ape theory: a brief
account of his life.
Aquatic versus Savanna: comparative and paleo-environmental
Wetlands or aquatic ape? Availability of food resources.

"Walking Hypotesis"
Morgan, Elaine: New Statesman and Society vol 7, Issue 305
(Jun 3 '94) pp 37-38.

"The wet and hairy ape"
Anonymous: Section ebb and flow, Earth Island Journal Vol. 9,
Issue 3 (Summer '94). p.3.

"Aquatic ape theory, speech origins, and brain differences with apes and
Verhaegen, M.J.B.: Medical Hypotheses (1995) (44) p 409

- D.