Re: Repost on predation

Paul Crowley (
Sat, 18 Nov 95 02:58:37 GMT

In article <> "J. Moore" writes:

> The only remaining versions
> of the AAT (none by "official" AAT writers) are those which
> suggest these AAs frequented areas of heavy surf or certain
> mountain lakes without crocodiles; neither version has suggested
> plausible reasons why these AAs did not simply remain in trees or
> on land, given that they would have to make big changes in their
> behavior to take up their water dwelling.

The Red Sea is croc-free. Crocodiles need turgid water, which comes
from rivers, estuaries or swamps. The Red Sea has none of these.

I've posted this many times.

The plausible reasons for not remaining in trees on land are:
(a) food (b) safety from land-based nocturnal predators.
In other words: La Dolce Vita.

Curiously billions of homo.sapiens.sapiens regard this as paradise
on earth: a full belly, sun, sea, sex and sand. They go to great
trouble and expense to recapitulate the experience. Funny that.