Re: whale brains

H. M. Hubey (
16 Nov 1995 02:52:51 -0500

Ralph L Holloway <> writes:

>On 13 Nov 1995, H. M. Hubey wrote:

> > That one particular correlation b/B (brain_mass/Body_mass)
>> is the best one so far that seems to give us a hint that
>> we are on the right track.
>What correlation are you talking about? The correlation of brain weight
>with body weight? The correlation of E.Q.'s with behavior? The
>correlation of relative brain weight with "intelligence"? What are you
>actually talking about?

Gee, what are you talking about?

YOu know even Newton's laws begin with something really simple,
like observing that things fall down and not up. Measuring
distance starts with a simple idea that there's an observable
space and that a stick remains constant pretty much so that
you can use some standard stick. Temperature measurement
starts with first observing that a fluid in a glass tube
goes up when it gets hot.

If you want to measure inteligence you first have to start
with some observations that humans have more of it than
chimps, and that chimps have more than dogs, which in
turn have more than lizards. You first have to be able
to observe that dolphins have more than turtles and that
turtles have more than fish.

Do you have any problems with this so far or are you
playing dumb like your fellow pesterers?

If you still can't figure out "what correlation" after
this, send me email.

>Hubey, are you really talking to me about measuring brains? Goddamn, I've
>been measuring brains for the last 35 years. If I'm not mistaken, I'm
>even cited in Eccles' book... what are you reading?

I've been reading Eccles book, and yes what is the problem?

>Gee, if you are going to continue with this display of your ignorance I'd
>be grateful if you didn't include my references.

It's not there now, and i won't put it there if you wish.

>Again, what is it that Eccles claims in his book that shows exactly how
>the chimpanzee brain differs from the human brain?

I'll post it tomorrow when I get to the office. Why don't you
read this paper from this site first, and then notice that
I haven't done anything with this brain size business for
obvious reasons. I'm waiting for student to get me some numbers
and I'm working on something else.


Regards, Mark