Re: whale brains

Benjamin H. Diebold (
17 Nov 1995 06:06:13 GMT

H. M. Hubey ( wrote:
: If you want to measure inteligence you first have to start
: with some observations that humans have more of it than
: chimps, and that chimps have more than dogs, which in
: turn have more than lizards. You first have to be able
: to observe that dolphins have more than turtles and that
: turtles have more than fish.

: Do you have any problems with this so far or are you
: playing dumb like your fellow pesterers?

Ummm....I'm sorry, but I have a little problem with this. If you want to
measure intelligence, why should you decide ahead of time that species x
has more of it than species y? What on earth would be the reason to
measure anything when you've already decided what the answers are?