god makes hubey

Alex Duncan (aduncan@mail.utexas.edu)
15 Nov 1995 13:35:55 GMT

In article <hubey.816411055@pegasus.montclair.edu> H. M. Hubey,
hubey@pegasus.montclair.edu writes:

>>Hubey's reasoning, evolution is somehow "driven" toward something.
>It is. It's driven towards production of intelligent beings who
>will be in a position to tinker with nature.

It sure would be interesting to know where you get your information.
Somehow you've out-thought all of the professional biologists in the
world, who are all pretty sure that "evolution is driven" to produce
organisms that are well adapted to their current environmental conditions.

(An alternative explanation I'm toying with is that you're so impressed
with yourself that you think the purpose of ~3.5 Byr of evolution was to
produce you [HWTHKBB], with the rest of H. sapiens being an epiphenomenon
of Hubey.)

It sounds to me like you're expounding a lame version of the anthropic

Or, even worse, your argument could easily be interpreted as meaning you
think that evolution is divinely directed. If this is so, why don't you
just say so and get it over with?

Alex Duncan
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