Re: god makes hubey

H. M. Hubey (
15 Nov 1995 22:54:49 -0500

Alex Duncan <> writes:

>>It is. It's driven towards production of intelligent beings who
>>will be in a position to tinker with nature.

>It sure would be interesting to know where you get your information.

It would be just as imteresting to know where you get your
information that evolution goes nowhere and that there's no
direction. Is it in the books written by God or do you have
mathematical proof of this?

>Somehow you've out-thought all of the professional biologists in the
>world, who are all pretty sure that "evolution is driven" to produce
>organisms that are well adapted to their current environmental conditions.

The two are not mutually incompatible, are they?

Or is it just your imagination that is lacking?

What better adaptation than that of intelligence. It makes the
animals infinitely adaptible to every kind of life, including
that of space travel and life on other planets.

Have you heard of shaping the environment instead of shaping
yourself to live in it?

>produce you [HWTHKBB], with the rest of H. sapiens being an epiphenomenon
>of Hubey.)

For what purpose do you write this kind of stuff?

Are you trying to make me famous :-)..

>It sounds to me like you're expounding a lame version of the anthropic

A Zen teacher and disciples were out for a walk. They saw a demonstration
and cops beating up some demonstrators. The students asked him
what to do. He said "help the cripples." They asked him who the
cripples are. He said "Both. One group can't help oppose everything,
and the other can't help enforce it."

You're a petty defender of something you don't even understand.
But like the white trash that would show up whenever it was
time to beat up on some "niggers" when they didn't "know their
place" you've taken it upon yourself to defend the holy
status quo..

Do you realize what you are doing is now is in about the equivalent
stage of civil engineering around the time of the Romans and
Ottomans? That's right. Physics was missing from it but it
worked anyway.

>Or, even worse, your argument could easily be interpreted as meaning you
>think that evolution is divinely directed. If this is so, why don't you
>just say so and get it over with?

That's your problem. I don't believe in divinity, or devils or
angels. But for sure you must know that problems of determinism
can be discussed in quantum mechanics, philosophy, nonlinear
mathematics, stochastic proceses, numerical analysis,cognitive
science and even religion.

Do you think that you really have a hold of something
special? Do you seriously think that anyone will ask the opinions
of a bone-gazer what he thinks about determinism?

PS. Newton's 3rd Law says "Tit-for-Tat". So does Huberman's
research at PARC in social life. it's the best strategy.


Regards, Mark