Re: whale brains

Ralph L Holloway (
Sat, 11 Nov 1995 23:19:08 -0500

On 8 Nov 1995, H. M. Hubey wrote:

> There are "house-keeping functions" that the
> brain has to perform. Bigger mass implies more
> muscle/flesh and more inputs to the brain and more
> of the brain has to be involved in instant to instant
> tasks. The brain of humans is not a scaled up version
> of a chimp brain. Different parts of it have gotten
> bigger at a higher rate. See Eccles.

Well, Hubey, tell us what Eccles has to say about the differences between
chimp and human brains. I can remember writing a dissertation on the
topic back in 1964, and publishing a number of papers which tried to make
the point that one cc of chimp brain was not the same as one cc of human
brain. So given your wisdom on this matter of complexity and brains, I'd
be damn grrateful for you telling all of us just what differs,
organizationally, between chimp and human brains.
Ralph Holloway