Re: whale brains

H. M. Hubey (
12 Nov 1995 21:03:26 -0500

Ralph L Holloway <> writes:

>Well, Hubey, tell us what Eccles has to say about the differences between
>chimp and human brains. I can remember writing a dissertation on the

Book's name is:

Evolution of the Brain; Creation of the Self, Routledge, 1989.

>topic back in 1964, and publishing a number of papers which tried to make
>the point that one cc of chimp brain was not the same as one cc of human
>brain. So given your wisdom on this matter of complexity and brains, I'd

Hmmmm... I don't go much beyond NN's :-)..

There are indications that there are different types of neurons and
some of them do different things. It's been known for a while since
the days of study of vision systems of frogs and cats.

I don't know how much one cc of human brain equals.

>be damn grrateful for you telling all of us just what differs,
>organizationally, between chimp and human brains.
>Ralph Holloway

Sizes of various parts of human vs chimp brains are listed in
tables in the book. There are also various models of brain
function. YOu should check out my latest at my homepage on
the brain, intelligence, IQ, heredity etc.

I'm busy working on chapter VIII, and some appendices to get
caught up much too deeply in more of this nonsense.


Regards, Mark