Re: Are all blacks descended from whites?

11 Nov 1995 03:29:45 GMT

Paul Crowley ( sez:
`Today's London Times has a brief report of a lecture by Dr Charles
`Gilbert of Cambridge (UK) University where he said that h.s.s.
`originated 100kya in northern latitudes. An ice age forced [sic]
`a movement south 70kya whereupon the black races sprang off.

`His argument is that there are four biochemically different forms
`of dark pigmentation in different populations so modern man could
`not have been black from the beginning.

`Any comments?

Even if his data are correct it wouldn't support his conclusion.
A darkly pigmented species from africa could travel north, losing
its pigmentation, then travel south acquiring the other three
mechanisms. Perhaps he has more detailed molecular arguments,
but there's nothing in this report to convince me.

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