Re: Height of Turkana Boy?

Nathan Keir Edel (
10 Nov 1995 22:09:42 GMT

Mithrandir ( wrote:
: He states that the Turkana Boy died at an age of 12 and was
: between 5 feet 6 and 5 feet 8 tall. He then conclude that an
: adult "Turkana Man" would be above 6 feet (quite tall). I was
: wondering: Couldn't it be that the species were fully grown
: by the age of 12? To me it seems natural that more 'primitive'
: species go through childhood and youth faster than Homo Sapiens.

Um... no. If something's off, it's the age of 12 estimate -- could have
been younger. Having just seen a slide of the skeleton, there's very little
likelyhood that he was fully grown, because the growth-plates for the
legbones are still free and unfused...

The height estimate at full growth and age are debatable because they are
extrapolated from modern data...