Re: Are all blacks descended from whites?

David Marcus Woodcock (
11 Nov 1995 04:59:21 GMT

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Paul Crowley <> wrote:
>Today's London Times has a brief report of a lecture by Dr Charles
>Gilbert of Cambridge (UK) University where he said that h.s.s.
>originated 100kya in northern latitudes. An ice age forced [sic]
>a movement south 70kya whereupon the black races sprang off.
>His argument is that there are four biochemically different forms
>of dark pigmentation in different populations so modern man could
>not have been black from the beginning.
>Any comments?

>From what I can tell from ypur summary, his evidence looks
like good support for the Out of E.Asia scenario I posted
some days ago. Note that I said that the evidence was that
all western populations were descended primarily from a NE Asian
one -- I didn't mention coloration in the post but
certainly assumed that group was no darker than current north
Asian groups. I'd like to know how he calculated that 70 kya

---David Woodcock