Re: Tears and 'salt excre

H. M. Hubey (
8 Nov 1995 20:38:44 -0500 (Sean Stinson) writes:

>J. Moore ( wrote:
>: Bb> >What do whales drink? Do they not drink for weeks at a time? Or
>: Bb> >maybe they swim up to rivers and then go upstream until there's
>: Bb> >no salt left in the river, drink and swim back to the ocean.
>: Bb> >Where do they find water to drink?

>Who wrote this? Was this a joke?

I wrote it. It's been while. Im surprised it took so long.

Anyway, it was about why it would have been possible for the
AAT also to have adjusted to salt water and then readjusted
back to fresh water (in the way of having its kidneys
adjust) since dumping too much salt would have become
maladaptive once on land and those with superkidneys
would have died off. And we'd never know anything
about it.


Regards, Mark