Re: The straw man.

Alex Duncan (
6 Nov 1995 14:36:42 GMT

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>What is your theory of human evolution that explains hairlessness, bipedalism, >the paranasal
>sinuses and our reduced olfactory bulbs then? Or is that just an untested hypothesis too?

Where do you come up with this stuff? Is this all from Morgan? If so,
she's more ignorant than I thought.

"Paranasal" sinuses? I assume you mean maxillary sinuses? The same ones
that chimps, gorillas and orangs have? You want to know where we got
them? We inherited them from the last common ancestor we shared with
chimps. And that taxon got them from the last common ancestor it shared
with gorillas, etc. etc.

Reduced olfactory bulbs? Come on. Next you'll be asking for an
explanation why we don't have tails. Or how come we only have two
premolars per quadrant (I know, it's a shell eating adaptation). It
disturbs me immensely that this stuff has been proposed as support for a
crackpot theory, and that most people don't seem to know any better than
to accept it at face value.

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