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H. M. Hubey (
5 Nov 1995 01:04:48 -0500 (Phil Nicholls) writes:

>So if you have no fossils of aquatic apes and no accumulated shell
>middens (all hominids that consume shell fish leave shell middens)

It doesn't prove that they didn't.

In one book, someone claims that the Neandertals did not make
use of salmon during the spring salmon run. How does he know

Even bears know enough to catch salmon and now we are told
point blank that Neandertals did not eat salmon. For one thing,
after a cold winter, when the spring came they'd be quite
happy to be moving around instead of possibly spending their
days and nights cooped up in some caves. Secondly, they'd probably
gorge themselves on the salmon instead of taking it to the cave.
Thirdly, without salt, how would they try to preserve it for the
winter? It would rot during the summer heat.

Similar comments apply to this kind of thinking above. IF you can
find animals making use of a food source, would it be reasonable
to imagine smarter animals not being able to realize the food
potential and make use of it? We see chimps eating termites.
Do you think the early hominids would have missed the chance
to eat shellfish?

It shouldn't even be discussed.

>what are your grounds for believing in aquatic shellfish-eating apes?
>I'll save you the trouble of answering: none.



Regards, Mark