Re: Are We Still Evolving?

Thomas Covington (
6 Nov 1995 09:26:19 GMT

In <46oskk$> "Peni R. Griffin"
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>I don't know how much good this is, but when I got my wisdom teeth
>my dentist told me, with great confidence, that our jaws "in the
>course of evolution" were getting smaller, and this was one reason why
>had so much trouble with wisdom teeth.
>My mouth was kind of flopping around at the time, so I didn't get to
>question him very closely about this assertion.
>This is Peni.
Adapting yes; evolving no. The earliest known fossil remains of
Homo Sapiens are essentially the same bones we have today, and the
earliest known records indicate equal intellectual capacity. It is
instructive that no comtemporary human exhibits any more wisdom or
intelligence than Pythagoras, Plato, or Aristotle. We have gained in
accumulated knowledge but not in judgement or capacity for abstract
reasoning. In my opinion, the last human being will be very similar to
the first; and any new species will have to come from a different, less
complex, and less specialized source.