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Phillip Bigelow (
4 Nov 1995 14:02:32 -0800 (Thomas Clarke) writes:

>Need to clear up what is dorsal and what is ventral and also what
>is the terminology for inside (next to body) and outside (away from

"Dorsal" and "ventral" are terms usually used for quadrapedal animals, or
any organism that is usually oriented so that it's long axis is parallel to
the ground. I believe the terms are also used in botany.

In human anatomy, the terms "superior" and "inferior" are usually used.
"Superior" relates to side facing head. "Inferior" relates to the
side facing the feet.
In primatology, the terms "superior" and "inferior" are also used.

"Proximal" simply means "toward the trunk of the body." "Distal" means
"further away from the trunk of the body."