Re: Hair loss (was Re: underwater space aliens)

Phillip Bigelow (
4 Nov 1995 13:50:35 -0800

> (Thomas Clarke) asked:
>>My understanding is that speciation in space rather than in time depends
>>on geographic/reproduction isolation. So what was it that isolated
>>the proto-Australopiths from the proto-Pans?
>> responded:
>I have heard of two arguments. The first is the Danakil Island/sea flooding type story, and the
>other was that it was the formation of the Rift Valley itself. Are there are any others? I would
>be interested to hear of them.

As far as supposed water barriers, (or lack of water barriers), you should
look at an up-to-date paleogeographic reconstruction of the East Africa
region during the Pliocene:
Atlas of Mesozoic and Cenozoic Coastlines
by A.G. Smith, D.C. Smith, and B.M. Funnell.
Cambridge University Press. Year 1994.
It's considered to be authoritative (at the time of this writing).