Re: genetic superiority

H. M. Hubey (
3 Nov 1995 01:28:56 -0500 (Phil Nicholls) writes:

>How do you define intelligence in a way that makes sense

b=brain mass
B=Body mass

intelligence= (b-k)/B

We already know that b =C*B^d

intelligence = (C*B^d-k)/B


log(b) = log(C) + d*log(B-k) -log(B)

That's off the top of my head.

For a slightly better version, we should use only certain
parts of the brain.., (see Eccles for details of comparisons of
chimp brains against humans).

Finally, the real answer is as simple as the ones you
take for granted all the time. OBSERVATION.

Tell me, on what is based evolution? Observation of some fossils
and some live animals and their resemblances. Nothing more.

How do we know everything falls down? Observation. Has anyone
seen anything fall up? Has anyone seen the sun rise in the west?

There's no way to avoid this problem of perception and
observation. There's gotta be a place to start.

The only difference is that if you hear things repeated to
you enough times and when you are young and impressionable
they become a part of your life, never to be questioned.
some people make this into a bad habit and can't seem to
ever grow out of it, even when the contrary facts are
staring them in the face. They take one set of dogmas and
fight against everyone, never even faltering or slowing
down to think how they know what they think they know.


Regards, Mark