genetic superiority

Alex Duncan (
30 Oct 1995 14:24:49 GMT

> (H. M. Hubey) wrote:
>>But there's more. There's info from Briten and Davidson (1969)
>>Science, vol 165 that plots 'genetic information' (in DNA
>>nucleotide pairs per haploid cell) against 'time of origin'.

Gerrit Hanenburg, writes:

>But is the number of nucleotide pairs an accurate representation of
>"genetic information".A great deal of the human genome consists of
>"meaningless" non-coding sequences in the form of introns,spacers,
>pseudogenes,etc.In fact only some 2% codes for proteins.
>The paper you mention antedates that discovery.

If we're talking sheer volume of genetic information, some amphibians
(salamanders, and I don't know who else) have humans beat by at least an
order of magnitude.

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