Re: gobbledygook

H. M. Hubey (
1 Nov 1995 19:43:29 -0500

Alex Duncan <> writes:

>>IB> Are you suggesting that this is only in water? If so, no problem as
>>IB> long as it is smaller than the croc, it won't be afraid
>>IB> especially if it's hungry.

>Let me rephrase it for you: "if small aquatic hominids were hungry
>enough, they had no need to fear crocodiles."

YOu should be more careful with your attributions.

That was mine. And NO. It says that as long as the croc is
bigger than the animal (and especially if it's larger than
the animal) it won't be afraid of the animal.

Else, it would/could avoid it (e.g. hippo or elephant). That
was in reference to threats etc.


Regards, Mark