Alex Duncan (aduncan@mail.utexas.edu)
1 Nov 1995 15:59:37 GMT

In article <60.3894.7295.0N1FB9B2@canrem.com> J. Moore,
j#d#.moore@canrem.com writes:

>IB> Are you suggesting that this is only in water? If so, no problem as
>IB> long as it is smaller than the croc, it won't be afraid
>IB> especially if it's hungry.
>This last paragraph is, as commonly seen in IB's posts, complete

You're being much too hard on IB. His paragraph makes perfect sense.
Let me rephrase it for you: "if small aquatic hominids were hungry
enough, they had no need to fear crocodiles."

Any other interpretations?

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