Re: AAT Theory

H. M. Hubey (
29 Oct 1995 18:56:05 -0500 (Gerrit Hanenburg) writes:

>"However,at average walking speed (4.5 km h^-1) human bipedalism is
>slightly more efficient than is quadrupedalism in the average mammal.."

>From:Aiello and Dean._An Introduction to Human Evolutionary Anatomy_
> Academic Press 1990,p.272.

I don't have this book, but it seems to depend on how the
average mammal efficiency was computed. I doubt that anyone
computed the walking efficieny of every mammal.

Now I have to check for which speed CEHE calculated the
efficiency. If it's walking speed, it looks like some people
in this field seem to like remeasuring things ! (perhaps with
an eye toward their favorite views!).


Regards, Mark