Re: From AAT to Wittgenstein? Skip it!

H. M. Hubey (
29 Oct 1995 19:01:31 -0500 (Gerrit Hanenburg) writes:

>>is a function of their knowledge level.

>Or your credibility?

My credibility is in good company. maybe you should check
out a few books on this topic.

I wish it was an original idea due to me only. Alas, it isn't
since I missed it by a few decades :-)..

>Well,I guess we'll have to wait for an answer until the cosmic telephone of
>SETI rings.So far we didn't hear much from "the third kind".

Not really. See "We Are Not Alone". If there's a planet like
ours, a sun like ours, and the distance is in the same range, and
a few billion years elapses, the conditions are there. And one can
calculate a probability for this happening and hence a probability
for life like ours existing somewhere in the universe. It was done
in the 1950's, I think. The silicon-based life form business is
a close runner up to carbon-based ones, and is SciFi so far.

>I'm eager to learn.Maybe you can *explain* to me why your "model" of
>unidirectional evolution is not just a modified form of orthogenesis.

Sorry, not my model. I wish it were.

Unidirection idea pops up all the time. Entropy is the "arrow of
time". Some things are not (and do not seem to be) reversible.

Brillioun, Prigogine, Boltzmann, and a few others come to mind
on this topic.


Regards, Mark