Re: A hairy question

23 May 1995 13:03:45 GMT

J.F. Brown ( wrote:
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: ERWIN) wrote:

: > Chimps go bald.

: __________________________________

: Is it chimmp-pattern baldness? :)

: Seriously though, where, anatomically speaking, do chimps go bald? On the
: head or elsewhere? And is it sex related (as it is in human male-pattern
: baldness)? A function of ageing? I don't recall ever seeing any elderly
: chimps with a friar tuck hairdo (except Maurice Evans in the "Planet of
: the Apes" movies).

It's a pattern baldness, seen in older males. I don't have my references
at hand.

: In short, what are the differences (if any) between chimp and human hair
: loss? And is it significant vis a vie this discussion thread?


Harry Erwin
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