Re: Polycentric or Rapid-Placement?

26 May 1995 12:40:52 GMT

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: I. Khalil <u9114423@muss.cis.McMaster.CA> wrote:
: >I was wondering which model of the origin of modern humans is more accepted
: >these days: the multiregional/polycentric (many H.habilis) or the
: >rapid-placement (H.habilis-African) model.

More or less cladistically, H. sapiens seems now to be descended from the
East African H. erectus, since the Asian H. erectus has a number of
autapomorphic character states that the African population (OH9, OH12,
KNM-ER 15000, etc.) lacks.

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: There is about as much agreement on that as to your question.

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